2011-2021 Prebuilt Morimoto XB Flow Series Jeep Grand Cherokee Headlamps

2011-2021 Prebuilt Morimoto XB Flow Series Jeep Grand Cherokee Headlamps

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Product Description:

 This pre-built set of Morimoto XB headlights will take your Jeep Grand Cherokee to the next level! Featuring full color functionality, you'll have the ability to transform your headlights with the click of a button. Cycling through hundreds of different modes, functions and chasing patterns the color combinations are virtually endless. You'll definitely make your competition think twice before pulling up next to you!

What is a Pre-Built Headlight?

A Pre-Built Headlight is a fully custom headlight that is built entirely in-house according to your order and then sent to you for immediate installation on your vehicle.


LED Type

Flow Series: Full color functionality to customize your ride with any color LED Lights you are feeling. With our Flow Series LED lights, you can have chasing colors for an upgraded and eye catching look for your vehicle.



Bluetooth: With our Bluetooth remote, you will never lose your remote again. Just download the app, and control the LED's in your car with the app that is right in your phone! All LED's have a Bluetooth Remote option for Demon eyes.

BlueGhozt: With the BlueGhozt remote, you also have the bluetooth functionality and will never lose your remote again! This remote is only compatible with Flow Series for your DRL (Day time Running Light).


Flow Series

(2) Pre-built  Morimoto XB Headlight Housings - Both Driver and Passenger Side

(1) Power Regulator 

(1) Bluetooth Ghozt Controller 

(1) RGBW Dual Channel if Demon eyes option is selected.

(1) Optional yellow or clear side marker 

For other custom options such as paint, clear reflector lenses, projector lens etching, RGBW Demon eye and other custom requests. Contact us: info@MHFautolighting.com for your custom build quote.

Vehicle Compatibility:

This kit fits the following vehicles:

  • 2014-2021 Jeep WK2 equipped with HID Non-AFS BI-Xenon Headlamps and Halogen
  • 2011-2013 Jeep WK2 models HID and halogen 


Lifetime Warranty 

Disclaimer: In case of a warranty repair or exchange needed, MHF is not responsible for any third party labor charges incurred.  

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